Perfect Fit Blinds: Innovative and Practical

Perfect Fit Blinds:

Perfect Fit Blinds are a range of pleated, venetian and roller blinds mounted within a Perfect Fit frame. The frame can then be push-fitted quickly and neatly, without the need for drilling or screwing. The Perfect Fit blind system is a remarkable innovation that allows blinds to be built into a special frame that simply clips to UPVC type windows and doors. Pleated, Venetian and roller blinds can be installed perfectly into most UPVC windows and doors. The Perfect Fit system is ideal for “tilt and turn” style skylight.


Originally created as a medium to install blinds to double glazed windows and doors without the need to drill and screw into the framework, this product has now become an instant favourite in the domestic market. The blinds are contained within a powder coat aluminium frame that fixes to the glazed area of the opening and moves as one, with the window and door.  In effect, the blind operates as an integral part of the opening.

Due to its unique construction, Perfect Fit becomes part of the window and as such does not interfere with handles or window ledges and can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.