Custom-fitted Shutters

Interior shutters are elegant and stylish from both inside and out, and at the same time enhance security, reduce noise, increase insulation and redirect harmful UV rays whilst adding value to your home.

Interior plantation shutters are made out of real wood and can come in a variety of colours.  It is possible to give your room style and elegance with the help of the distinctive look of wood or choose another colour and have the shutters painted. Usually, they are crafted to your requirements and come in a variety of styles, finishes and with various options.

The slat sizes can vary from 50mm to 90mm, according to your preferences. Suitable for any shaped window, so you can create stunning looks with arched, circular or even hexagonal shaped windows.

They have several advantages as they offer complete control over the amount of light that comes into the room, they guarantee privacy and security and you decide on the degree of ventilation you want for your space.

The adjustable louvres make it easier for you to get the effect you need for your space. Due to their special structure they are energy efficient and they have low maintenance requirements. They will give your house a more interesting, traditional look whilst being suitable to be incorporated iin a contemporary setting.